Compass Necklace By Murkani


The Compass Necklace provides guidance and direction through life. Ideal for travellers, adventurers and free spirits.

  • Made of 2 micron 18 KT Yellow Gold plated onto brass
  • Pendant – 17 mm W x 22 mm H (including balls)
  • Semi-precious stones – White Topaz
  • Necklace chain measures 50 cm and can be adjusted to 46 cm and 48 cm
  • Colour – Yellow Gold
  • Handcrafted

Materials & Care: MURKANI Jewellery is made with precious metals and semi-precious stones and as such needs to be handled with care. Sterling silver jewellery will tarnish over time however with proper care, your precious metal will retain its beauty and shine. 

  • Avoid contact with all liquids and chemicals, such as perfume, sea water, chlorine and sweat. Contact with these substances will increase that rate at which tarnishing occurs.
  • Ensure your jewellery is not exposed to humidity and is not stored in direct sunlight.
  • To further reduce the tarnishing effect, we recommend storing your silver jewellery in plastic zip lock bags to avoid contact with the air.

Part of the HOPE collection - ‘‘The HOPE Collection has been designed in response to my feelings around the current global pandemic. The symbol in the centre of the designs is one of UNITY. At the time of designing this collection, I was watching Italy and then Spain spiral out of control due to Covid. It was a scary time but from this came a global unity and shared vision to come together to overcome this pandemic. The ancient symbol at the centre of this collection is a Ghanaian symbol of UNITY. The symbol represents the union required of people from different cultural backgrounds to come together despite their different opinions and views about the world. It’s about the world uniting in HOPE to overcome the issues we face globally, together. The symbol encourages inclusiveness and togetherness. I think this is what the world needs right now... to UNITE.” Kiralee McNamara