Freedom Earrings By Sibilia - Large


Freedom Earrings By Sibilia - Large

Materials: Brass Earrings. Brass hooks

H:  6 cm | 2.5″
W: 3.5 cm | 1.5″

The Sibilia range of jewellery is hand made in Argentina. Inspired by the company’s founder Fernanda Sibilia’s extensive travels throughout Latin America, the vibrant culture and unique art that abounds this region. 

The Sibilia collection utilises unusual metal smithing and jewellery making techniques, manipulating bronze, copper and alpaca (a silver coloured alloy) creating a range with rich bold and unusual colours unlike any other.

Care: Patinas and oxides are meant to be kept dry. Don’t wear the items while washing your hands nor bathing. Water may fade the colours.

Handmade in Argentina.

Note: Please note that each piece is handmade and therefore is unique. The colours and placement of patina/oxide will be one of a kind, the piece you will receive may slightly vary from the example shown in the images.