Guatemalan Floral Cosmetic Purse XS


Gorgeous coin purse.

Ethically made in Guatemala, each Mayan purse is sustainable, unique and handmade.

Every beautiful Mayan piece forms part of Origen’s unique collection using upcycling authentic pieces from female weavers in the highlands of Guatemala. In other words, your purchase is helping to preserve precious indigenous culture through fashion. 

As each piece is a one-off please let us know if you have a preference or would like us to email you a picture of the one we’re sending you. 

Please note: Each purse is made from an upcycled traditional huipil - Mayan women’s tops - so if you find a little bit of loose thread that’s normal and just snip it with scissors. 

Materials: quality lining, woven cotton 

Width: 11cm Height: 9cm