Tie-Dye Sweater By Pixi Carnival

$119.20 $149.00

Our new tie dye sweater is the comfiest of fits, perfect for afternoon strolls with a friend, for your yoga routine and just about anything else.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Pullover styling
  • Colour: tie dye aubergine
  • Machine wash
  • Ribbed trims
  • Hand made by artisans in Bali

 Measurements: Size Medium - Length 64cm (including ribbing), Chest 62 cm

Care:  Machine washable in a gentle cold wash

*Please note that each piece may vary slightly due to the handmade process.

The Story Behind Our Collection:

Each piece has been individually hand tie-dyed and at the heart of our collection lies a close relationship for over a decade with the artisan that has made each piece.

It is amazing to see the trial and error that goes into each design and the magic that occurs when you least expect it. Sometimes, through this organic process, an unexpected result appears, that is perfect in every way and makes you change direction at the last minute! This is the thrill that only comes where there is freedom in the design process. It is extraordinary to witness the process that is led by the human eye as a guide, making each piece unique, and one of a kind. It makes it so unpredictably dazzling in the end... 

We hope you love it as much as we do Xo