Eagle Ring By LeeLoo Bird


Eagle Ring by Leeloo Bird

Simple in its design and powerful in its meaning. This elegant ring is an abstract representation of the Eagle. Eagles represent expansion, strength, a higher perspective and loyalty. 

Gold Vermeil* 22k
Sterling Silver 925

The story: 

LeeLoo Bird was founded in 2010 by Sandrine Levalois, the creative force behind the brand. Each piece is an extension of her heart - wild & free, strong and soft. LeeLoo Bird carries a French bohemian aesthetic and a strong heritage from Sandrine’s personal journey. Born and raised in Caribbean roots, she studied in France, and lived in Africa. Now Sandrine is based with her family in Indonesia where LeeLoo Bird was born.

Birds embody freedom, discovery and courage... Spreading your wings, taking off and trusting yourself not to fall. How they carry themselves in nature is a constant reminder of the beauty surrounding us. And last but not least, their old connection with communication, sacredness and wisdom makes them the perfect symbol of the secrets behind Sandrine’s designs.

 (*) Vermeil is a noble type of gold-finished material that is composed of a layer of gold over solid sterling silver 925.