Barry Made - new label alert!

We have recently discovered Barry Made and have fallen in love with everything about them...from their aesthetics, to attention to detail and sustainable approach, Barry Made is a well rounded label that caters to your casual needs.

We really wanted to put the spotlight on this label as we truly believe that each piece is so beautiful and considerate, so we got together with Maddie & Charlie, the designers, to bring you a fun and insightful interview. Hope you enjoy Xo


1.Tell us about Barry Made & the family connection with your brand.

Barry made is designed in Melbourne by two sisters, for all sisters.’

We are the next generation of sisters that share wardrobes and ideas. We have made a wardrobe for all sisters to share. Our casuals are elevated for anything the weekend may throw at you. Nuanced with a new season twist and made from beautiful fabrics to make weekends look as good as they feel. Our sweet spot is going home to the country on the weekends to spend time with family, whether together at home or out and about, barry made is for gallivanting in comfort, and most importantly on trend!

Fashion is passed through the generations, from hand-me-downs to shopping with family, and it has shaped our taste and values in quality and fabrics.  Family has inspired barry made, it is what we all love to wear!


2. We know that you have been working with the same makers for over 30 years. Why do you think those relationships are so important to the core values of your brand and products.

Barry Made:

Made’ for family weekend time.

‘Australian’ boutiques.

‘Delivering’ high quality.

‘Elevated’ and edgy casuals.

We feel so fortunate to have experienced manufacturers crafting our clothes, the same manufacturers that have worked with our family for many years. Starting Barry Made just before the pandemic made us really rely on our makers, and we trusted that they would do everything possible to continue to supply us and our stockists without compromising on quality. We have the utmost respect for each others’ businesses, this strong relationship has given us peace of mind during these uncertain times.

Barry Made is crafted with respect for design, our production is small and special and each piece is packaged into beautiful recycled paper bags with cotton stitching. Each piece is made with quality when you have had makers for this long.


3. What are your favourite pieces in the new collection? 

Maddie: Our Optical printed styles are my favourite, the colours in the print are easy to wear, and I have been rotating between the Bosco shirt and Wilmont duster all Autumn. I particularly love the Celena skivvy under the Wilmont duster, it’s optical gone mad and an illusion like no other! 

Charlie: Dip dyed lounge collection, they’re my all-week-round picks. Day to day I wear this set with sneakers, and even when going straight from work to drinks I have thrown the Kemp in black check over as a duster. Love the ease of elevating our loungewear.


4. You are starting to get a bit of a cult following! Why do you think your products are so loved by your customers?


Thank you! It is really exciting for us to have the same customers looking out for our next collections and buying Barry Made from small boutiques each season. We both feel proud to see locals with a bm tote or wearing one of our staple shirts.

We really think what has set us apart from other casual brands is that our fabrics are comfortable and as we prioritise natural fabrics where possible they are soft on the skin, whilst being unique and on trend.


5. We are privileged to have your products both in store and online. What makes you decide if a retailer is a good match for your brand?

We are so proud to be available in Origen, thank you so much for supporting us! Origen has a wide product selection for all women, and barry made has its own unique spot on the shelf.

It is important for barry made to be represented by people who are passionate, inclusive, caring and kind, to not only us but also their customers. You’ve been lovely to work with and we look forward to designing new clothes for your customers each season.


A few fun questions


1. Paperback or Kindle?

We’re both old school – paperback! 

2. What is on your Spotify playlist? 

Working together 9-5 means our music taste has merged. We go from Fleetwood Mac and Earth Wind and Fire on the weekend with family, to Jungle Giants on weekdays.

3. Brunch or Dinner?

Brunch, always boozy! 

4. Your local café?

The Coffee and Chai Latte morning run – Gaea on Gertrude St, Fitzroy 

5. Air B&B or Luxury Hotel?

That’s easy - a cute Air B&B in a small country town. 

Our latest obsession is tiny houses, we will be booking one of these for our next weekend away!  

Rose Marie Stirling